Chinese information on the Technocracy technate design, an energy accounting based system

This site provides links and information to Chinese language speakers about the Technocracy technate design. While that design is a theoretical  idea for the North American continent, advancing technology may be used in the future to allow China and that continental area to form an energy economics or biophysical energy accounting method of science based social design.
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Below in links is basic information to Technocracy ideas.
Technocracy design ideas started with Howard Scott in the Technical Alliance in 1918 in New York City, United States.
In the early 1930's those ideas were formulated into the Technocracy Study Course.
The Technocracy movement was the fastest growing social movement in the U.S. and Canada in the early 1930's.
These ideas are not connected to any other groups or theories in Europe or elsewhere.
The basis of modern energy economics comes from thermodynamic ideas based on concepts from the Technocracy Study Course which was compiled and edited by M. King Hubbert geoscientist and creator of the 'peak oil' concept. 
These ideas are not moralistic or ethical constructs, but science applied to society oriented.
In the current period of dissolution of the Price System's 'labor theory of value' ideas, which allows for being a consumer and having the ability of consuming privileges and control of society by 'debt tokens', Technocracy technate design offers viable alternative.
Alternative ideas exist from the current political price system model of society. 
Viable alternative ideas based on ecology and thermoeconomics and science are different from the current Price System economics used in the world.
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All information here is open source and may be taken for educational purposes and redistributed free.

Your participation in the advancement of the concepts of Technocracy based on the original North American model is appreciated.

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